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To Spring Forward

As Winter comes the an end, we all eagerly anticipating the arrival of Spring. A gentle reminder to please be mindful of the rest that the body needs to adequately recover, and rejuvenate. Seasons come, and go…. Everything in the Universe is connected, and transitions from different phases, or stages. These timely transformations allow intermittent growth, and longevity. The ability to change creates sustainability, and with change, we are able to adapt to our environments, and develop improved coping skills.

Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches us that the body is composed of multiple organs that are all connected and interdependent upon each other. The well-balanced body functions harmoniously, interacts and adjusts with the ebb and flow of the surrounding environment. Spring represents growth and renewal. The TCM element of Spring, is represented by wood. During the Springtime nature is flexible, as it prepares for new growth of roots, tree limbs, and the emergence of fruits, vegetable, herbs and flowers.

There are ways to restore health and optimal wellbeing by incorporating a few lifestyle changes according to the current Season of Spring, which represents growth, and renewal. A few ways to improve your health can be implemented by creating habits that nourish your mind, body, and spirit.

MIND: Meditation can assist your ability to become more connected to self, which has a calming effect on the Central Nervous System.

BODY: Add yin exercises such as waking, Yoga, Qigong, or Tai Chi. Explore new ways to move your body, which promotes self-love, confidence, and acceptance. SPIRIT: Apply any spiritual practices, or mindful rituals that reinforces your connection with your purpose, or a higher being. Renew your commitment and redefine your intentions for practicing authenticity by journaling, or being creative.

I hope that you enjoyed my premier blog post.

Stay tuned for upcoming news.

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