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What’s in a Name?

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose

By any other name would smell as sweet." ~ Shakespeare 'Romeo And Juliet'

I'm at a crossroads in my process of building my Medical practice. The name was chosen, after thousands of attempts and rearranging of phrases etc., the perfect clinic space was acquired and now we're open, but it's not that simple, and I still have a long way to go.

Thanks to everyone who has or who will be supporting my small online business and clinic, Ān Medi-Zen.


I was thinking about how this journey began... it goes a little something like this.

My story begins with my personal experiences in toxic environments. Similar to everyone's experiences post pandemic and post emotional/ traumatic stress navigating the world. Post George Floyd especially here in MN has been very overwhelming and draining.

The ability to escape to a quiet environment and meditate, receive/participate in self-care was critical for self preservation and survival.

I dreamed of providing a place for respite care from hectic lifestyles and stress for my clients for many years. I created Ān Medi-Zen to provide a safe healing environment for people just like me to have access to Acupuncture and other Integrative Health and Wellness Services, in an informal welcoming space.

Ān Medi-Zen is inviting, calming and patient friendly. I wanted to provide an environment where people who have anxiety, depression and other emotional health issues can feel free to have proper medical attention without judgment.

The Mandarin/PinYin symbol below also tells my story. The name "Ān" was chosen to represent "safety".

Ān: Symbolic of a roof over a woman.

I am dedicated to providing quality TCM services combined with Integrative Health & Medicine. My mission is to decrease disparities in healthcare and change how Medicine is viewed and experienced by everyone, especially the underrepresented individuals and communities located in my surrounding area.

I hope to meet and treat you soon!


Ān Medi-Zen.

9354 Ensign Avenue S.

Bloomington, MN 55438

Office: 952-855-7535

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